Lecturing on EA @ BCIT – Rethinking my Approach

Tonight, I had the privilege of being a guest lecturer on Enterprise Architecture for a class at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. My colleague Brian Hosier invited me to give an overview of EA for his students.

I had to do some serious chopping of my 2 hour workshop to get things down to a manageable timeframe. Even then, I felt extremely rushed and barely skimmed the surface of all that Enterprise Architecture is.  The class went well and I got great questions from the students.  I hope this short introduction to EA helped some of them think about the big picture.

As I was presenting, I realized how much our EA practices are IT influenced. This is a natural thing being that we grew EA out of IT and IT is where it primarily resides. As I presented some of the artifacts we developed, it became apparent that I need to rethink how to present EA to newbies. After a bit of theory and overview, I presented how EA can be applied strategically, tactically and then a bit on business architecture.  The problem was that for each area except Business Architecture, my examples were very technology focused.

I will make time to review my course material to see how to restructure it to better communicate the complete breadth of Enterprise Architecture.  Perhaps reviewing my notes from the Carnegie Mellon Certified Enterprise Architect program I completed in 2009 will help.  I need to find more examples of artifacts that are more people and process oriented.  In today’s fiscal climate, perhaps more focus on cost savings by focusing on managing complexity and its impact on organizations.