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EA Model V.2

Two years ago, Dave Cresswell and I came up with a graphic to represent Enterprise Architecture @ BCIT. We needed a simple graphic to communicate EA and also knew that showing our senior Executive the Zachman Framework was too complex. Here is first draft EA model:

and Version 1 :

At that point, I was just getting introduced to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and did not have a clear sense of how it fit within the bigger realm of Enterprise Architecture. We were also just beginning our work on developing IT Governance (ITG) and again I did not have a clear sense of how it fit with EA.

Here is Version 2:

I want to share with you my new thinking on how to represent the relationship between EA, ITG and ITIL. The new EA Taxonomy graphic now shows that BCIT will use ITIL Service Delivery and Service Support as a backplane to guide our IT Service Management work. ITG fits in the first backplane with Strategy and Policy and ensures alignment to BCIT’s strategy and vision.

Looking forward to your thoughts on this.