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Renaming This Blog

I started my blog “Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education” in May 2007 to share the EA work my colleagues and I have done. My goal was to share the practical approaches that we implemented to move our organizations forward. I hope that you have seen value and found ways to use some of our ideas to move your EA work practices forward.  Over that time, I have had the privilege of sharing our ideas, receiving outstanding feedback and building connections around the world.

As I have grown in my management and leadership practice, I find that I am writing more about leadership, management and strategy while still finding time to develop an EA methodology and practice. Now that I don’t work in the Higher Education sector, I feel like it is time to rename my blog.

So farewell Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education and welcome to:

Enterprise Architecture: Practical Approaches

Hope you continue to follow my posts and are willing to continue to provide the feedback/comments that I value so much. I will be redesigning the look of this blog over the next few weeks to make my posts more accessible.

Sincere thanks, Leo