Enterprise Architecture Taxonomy

Here is the taxonomy I use for categorizing the EA artifacts we create. Comments?

Enterprise Architecture Taxonomy (Element-Domain-Component-Artifact)

Architecture Element
The high level architectural description for Applications, Business, Business Continuity, Data, Infrastructure, Presentation and Security containing Architecture Domains. (i.e. An element contains domains)

Architecture Domain
The summary level of architecture describing the models used for each Architecture Element. (i.e. A domain contains components)

Architecture Component
The detailed level of architecture describing the components of an Architecture Domain. (i.e. A component is represented by one or more artifacts)

Architecture Artifact
The populated models representing the current and target architecture for Architecture Components.

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4 thoughts on “Enterprise Architecture Taxonomy”

  1. Examples of each of these areas would be great. A great many books, articles are just theory. If the purpose is to gain concensus, or to instruct and standardize, then examples for each category would be great. This article / section is very helpful. Thanks

    1. Simon, I wish I had a good answer. Thanks for reminding me about this post. I used this approach to structure an early EA repository. Unfortunately, I had to focus on other priorities and did not get the opportunity to evolve these early thoughts of mine. Thanks for the prompt. I will put some thought about what has evolved in that past years.

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