Monthly Archives: January 2009

Thinking about frameworks and geometry

by | January 15, 2009

Mike Kavis‘ got me thinking about EA frameworks with his Twitter posts about the E2AF. The Zachman Framework was my first introduction to an EA framework in 2004 and it continues as a significant reference model for how I think about EA. Here is a slide of the Zachman Framework Version 2.  The geometry of Zachman sits in one and two dimensions. For… Read more »

The Evolution of my Global Network

by | January 12, 2009

A casual lunch room conversation crystalized something that has been in my thoughts over the past month. One of our Service Desk analysts commented about my posting of status updates.  He said “You sure love Facebook don’t you? You are always posting status updates. Is that all you do all day??”   I wanted to respond… Read more »