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Building an EA Practice – what is your process?

By | November 26, 2009

Recently, there has been several blog posts discussing what should and should not be done when building an EA practice.  I thought I would review how we built our EA practice in our higher education organization and compare it to some of the other approaches.  I have yet to see one definintive approach for all… Read More »

Center for the Advancement of the Enterprise Architecture Profession

By | November 23, 2009

I have followed the development of the the Center for the Advancement of the Enterprise Architecture Profession with great interest over the past year.  The group has built a strong following and gathered sufficient momentum to be a force for the advocacy of Enterprise Architecture as a profession. After laying out a mission, vision, goals… Read More »

The Cult of the Done Manifesto – perfect is not the goal

By | November 16, 2009

This morning Jon Ayre (@EnterprisingA) tweeted: #EAMantra (11) Failing to deliver perfection is not a crime. Failing to deliver is. Something I totally agree with, especially if you have been following my blog and the theme of building an EA practice that delivers value using a virtual team. Tyler Gooch (@tylergooch) then sent a response… Read More »

Remembrance Week – Wednesday Nov 11, 2009

By | November 11, 2009

Last year, I wrote about the special debt I feel to Canadian soldiers that defended my birthplace – Hong Kong.  I found more information about the Canadian troops who defended Hong Kong at the Veterans Affairs Canada website. This year I would like to pay tribute to Company Sergeant Major John Robert Osborne, 1st Battalion… Read More »

Driving IT Value Realization: The Marketing of IT – Review

By | November 9, 2009

Last Thursday Nov 6, 2009, I spent a valuable day at the Forrester Western Canadian IT Summit.  The day began and ended with  keynotes and in between there were 3 breakout tracks – CIO, EA and IT Ops.  This post covers a keynote by Bobby Cameron on Marketing IT.  I will write a separate post… Read More »

IT Complexity Exploration

By | November 6, 2009

I had a great phone call with Roger Sessions (@RSessions), CTO ObjectWatch a month ago about IT Complexity.  Over the past few weeks, I got a chance to read about Roger’s approach Simple Iterative Partitions (SIP) in a series of white papers: Controlling Complexity in Enterprise Architectures – Executive Summary Controlling Complexity in Enterprise Archtiectures… Read More »