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Flexible Leadership – Self Knowledge, Guiding Principles and Flexible Approaches

by | October 18, 2011

Leaders, who are self-aware, create personal guiding principles and are flexible in their leadership approaches, will have success navigating any situation.   There are a set of leadership traits, behaviors and styles that support flexible leadership.  Leaders need to develop self-awareness.  Understanding what their strengths and weaknesses are and how they react to different situations is… Read more »

Service Management Culture – Who’s job is it?

by | October 2, 2011

Failing to consider your followers may result in you being the only one charging out of the trench towards the enemy. (credit Stephen Lamb – @SEE_EYE_OH) If I am leading, I need my team with me to be successful. In the complex world of IT Service Management, working as a team is the only way… Read more »