A Busy September Update

by | September 20, 2008

September is always a busy time for Higher Education. This is BCIT’s big term startup in North America and we try to keep our technology changes to a minimum to ensure good service to our students, faculty and staff.

On Sept 4th, I completed one year as the Manager, Business Application Services and Enterprise Architecture. It was a great year in which I learned far more than I ever imagined in the areas of leadership, planning, team development and portfolio management. I am very fortunate to have a great team to lead and have mentors on the management team to learn from.  Thanks Team!!  I am looking forward to this next year as we begin to leverage the ERP upgrade from July 2008 to deliver new services to BCIT.

On a professional development side, I am working to complete a Masters Certificate in Management Excellence from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia.  I also enrolled into the Carnegie Mellon Institute for Software Research Certified Enterprise Architect program. This program is taught by Dr Scott Bernard who I met on my trip to the University of Alaska.  I am the Student Project Manager and will be working with a large group of students to deliver a populated EA model for a fictious aerospace company. We have students from around the globe on this project.

David Bedwell, Charles Sturt University and I have collaborated to create an EA Introduction and Practical Approaches course that we will be teaching at the Educause 2008 conference in Orlando, Florida on Oct 27th. We used Skype, Google docs and email to collaborate with David in Bathurst, NSW, Australia and me in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Very cool to be able to do this.  There was a real benefit in leveraging the full 24 hours per day with me working during my day and then David picking up the working as my day ended and his began. The power of collaboration and the Internet at work!!

On the coaching side, I continue to coach both my daughter’s U18 Gold soccer team and my son’s U16 Bronze soccer team.  I really enjoy being out on the field and working with these great kids. I hope we get a better winter than last year so we don’t have to miss too many games.

I hope to write a post on our governance model in the coming week and am also creating a presentation on our IT Sustainability work … I am speaking on Sept 29th on this topic.

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