Being a Teacher works for me …

by | March 13, 2008

Mike Kavis published a great post “Do you have an Architect personality? In it Mike explains about Jung Typology tests to get Myers Briggs indicators. Based on responses to his blog post, most architects responding were Rationals with profiles ENTJ (Field Marshal), ENTP (Inventor), and INTP (Architect).

After completing the test, I am an Idealist and my profile is ENFJ (Teacher). After reading the profile, I can say I am very surprised how accurate the description is of me and how I work.

So, I wonder if my approach to build an EA practice in my organization and advocating EA in Higher Education rings true with “the Teacher”?  I believe it does.  Starting in the fall of 2004, with only a vague idea about EA, I had to research, learn and then educate my colleagues and clients about the value of EA.  Three and a half years later, I continue to take the Idealist approach first … once your are allowed a seat at the table though it is mandatory to show value.

Like Mike, I too am curious of what my fellow architect’s profiles are.  Don’t be shy!

2 thoughts on “Being a Teacher works for me …

  1. Fekrat

    Just attempted the test myself and it seems i am a rational and my profile is Fieldmarshal (ENTJ) 🙂


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