CAEAP Publishes EA Professional Practice Guide

by | June 24, 2010

The Center for the Advocacy of the Enterprise Architecture Profession (CAEAP) published a collaborative work called the Enterprise Architecture Professional Practice Guide (EA PPG).  This is the first draft abstract for the EA PPG.

I joined the CAEAP when it was formed in 2009.  I have the honour working with an excellent group of people as a contributor to this work over the past 6 months as a Chapter Lead.  Special mention goes to the leadership of CAEAP for creating the vision for the Professional Practice Guide.  Special mention to my friend, Bob McIlree (@rmcilree) who took over the Project Management reigns and was instrumental in getting this document published.

The statement of purpose of the EA Professional Practice Guide is:

The purpose of the Professional Practice Guide for Enterprise Architects (the Guide) is to clarify the definition of enterprise architecture and establish a basis for enterprise architecture to mature as a profession. The Guide seeks to serve this end by becoming:

  • The definitive resource for enterprise architects to use in advancing their own practices;
  • The contract between the enterprise architect and the public (e.g., stakeholders, executives, customers, the general public) they serve; and
  • A crucial and comprehensive reference set of information for educators.

The Guide identifies professional practices that enterprise architects internalize and diligently use in their work. It also addresses the public’s expectations regarding the enterprise architects as representatives of the profession and their individual ability to answer to the problem space that enterprise architecture fulfills.

Here is the table of contents for the EA PPG:

Section 1: The Profession

1. The Professional Enterprise Architect

2. Standards of Acceptance for ?Professional? Designation

3. Capabilities of the Professional Enterprise Architect

4. Opportunities for Recognition

5. Education and Certification

6. Apprenticeship

Section 2: The Practice

7. Establishing an Enterprise Architecture Practice

8. Growing a Practice

9. Maturing the Practice

10. Branding and Marketing

Section 3: The Public

11. Legal Environment

12. Framework and Methodology Accreditation

13. Education Accreditation

14. Assessment beyond Certification

15. Working with Clients

16. The Enterprise Architecture Community

We (CAEAP) are seeking your constructive feedback on the EA PPG.  You can provide feedback on the CAEAP website at this link.

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