Canadian Colleges Update – Dec 2009 Session 12 Education Products Strategy

By | December 9, 2009

Session 12 Jon Perera, GM Strategy, Education

Higher Education studies about students and institutions. Looking at broad trends and their impacts on education delivery. Microsoft is making a commitment from a number of fronts – education software, programs and policy & advocacy.

Interaction with over 300,000 schools across 115+ countries and 900 dedicated full time MS employees working in this area.  MS invests $485M USD in Partners in Learning.

Higher Education Approach

  • engaging student, empowering educators
  • enabling infrastructure agility
  • fostering research & community

Software Roadmap

  • divided between servers and services (software and services)
  • tiers : applications, developer tools, programming model, application services, relational database, operating system, systems management
  • academic toolkit (coming Jan 2010) – commitment to deliver MS Office with Higher Ed capabilities
    • interactive classroom (integrated PowerPoint and OneNote) – this is an add-in for PowerPoint and OneNote, cool interactivity between faculty and students
    • Semblio for digital content (packager for content) <- very interesting for our faculty includes assessment tools and powerful simulations – requires a client install for the Semblio player, web player by fall 2010 (this is a Silverlight platform)
    • mathematics (embedded into Word)
  • Futures – SharePoint 2010 : Course Management – course lifecycle, content mgmt, collaboration, business intelligence. There is lots of momentum and interest in leveraging SharePoint as a development platform for learning management
  • Microsoft Multipoint Server 2010 and Microsoft Multimouse SDK 1.5 – shared resource computing as off the shelf components
  • working on Moodle integration based on standards

Looking Ahead – themes …

  • “real time” adaptive learning
  • Seamless cloud
  • learning communities

If Microsoft can commit to this vision like they do with their Research and Development, we are going to see interesting capabilities coming for higher education.

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