Canadian Colleges Update – Dec 2009 Session 10 [email protected] Overview

by | December 9, 2009

Frank Chiappone, Sr Project Manager [email protected]

Evolving Education Market – move to digital campus and manage IT costs and complexity

Software + Services drives this model  (left on-site progress to right cloud services)

  • Exchange Server – Exchange Online – Outlook Live (built on MS hosted Exchange – 10GB mailbox)
  • SharePoint Server – SharePoint Online – Office Live
  • Office Communications Server – Office Communications Online – Windows Live

Blend of IT Managed and Self Managed services like SkyDrive that gives 25GB per user – SkyDrive will transition to SharePoint Online to allow for management by organizations

Demonstrated a School Portal using SharePoint platform integrated with [email protected] and SkyDrive and Office Live. Using ADFS 2.0 will allow for AD federated authentication.

Provisioning uses a basic Identity Lifecycle Manager implementation to sync between AD and Outlook Live.

We need significant help to address the Patriot Act and how Canadian Educational institutions have been able to implement [email protected]

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