Canadian Colleges Update – Dec 2009 Session 4 Windows 7 and the Optimized Desktop

by | December 9, 2009

Session 4 – Jeremy Chapman, Senior Product Manager, Commercial Windows 7 and the Optimized Desktop

5 Trends in Commercial Desktop IT

  • consumerism
  • carbon neutral
  • contingency
  • costs
  • compliance

End User Computing Scenarios -separation Creates Flexibility – manageability maintains costs

How do we get to Windows 7?

  • Migration Analyzer
  • Hardware Assessment
  • Application Compatibility – collect, analyze, test & migrate <- use this approach to save testing time

Virtualization -Session, Machine and Application

Improving the Deployment Core – improvements in creating images, multi-cast and high speed data migration

Remote Access for Mobile Workers

  • DirectAccess – can replace VPN on Windows 7 to directly connect to secure corporate networks at login using IPSEC and IPv6
  • BranchCache – caches content downloaded from file and Web servers – improved performance for users at a branch
  • Windows Optimized Desktop Solution – Search Federation
  • BitLocker and BitLocker To Go – protect data on internal and removable drives, mandate use of encryption via group policies, store recovery info in AD
  • AppLocker – eliminate unwanted/unknown apps
  • PowerShell 2.0 – integrated scripting

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