Canadian Colleges Update – Microsoft Dec 2009 Keynote Day 1

by | December 9, 2009

Anthony Salcito – VP Worldwide Education – Microsoft and Higher Education

  • New Economy – Same Priorities
    • Save Money
    • Need to Deliver now
    • Embrace Cloud
    • Education Analytics
  • Making Change Possible
    • People, Process and Environment
    • Technology is not the issue
    • Process is under served
  • Think about Holistic Innovation (interesting model with the educator and student at the centre)
    • Infrastructure and Access
    • Tools and Services
    • Data Driven Accountability and Transparency
    • Content
    • 21st Century Educator and Student Development
  • Emerging Technology Priorities
    • Unified Communications
    • Academic Search
    • Education Analytics
    • Virtualization
    • Cloud Services – an enabler and cost container
    • Social Computing
    • Mobility
  • Software + Services – it needs to be both (combine desktop, online, servers, and devices as building blocks)

[email protected] – the real role here is identity provisioning not just email

Microsoft DreamSpark –

DreamSpark is simple; it’s all about giving students Microsoft professional-level developer and designer tools
at no charge so you can chase your dreams and create the next big breakthrough in technology – or just
get a head start on your career.

Microsoft BizSpark –

A program that provides Software, Support and Visibility for Software Startups.

Microsoft Research – overview

Opportunities for Partnership – Innovative Faculty, Innovative Institutions, Innovative Campus

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