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Our Students: Products or Customers?

By | April 14, 2012

Tweet I was part of a discussion about our students.  I was in a great session at SGHE Summit Conference facilitated by my good friend Brian Knotts (@brian_knotts) titled the Future of ERP. The discussion began with a suggestion from me that our higher education institutions need to find ways to become “open, candid and… Read More »

Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education – Yes!

By | January 15, 2012

Tweet Adrian Grigoriu wrote an article in eBizq titled Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education in Nov 2011 –  I have been meaning to write a supportive post to Adrian and finally have time.  In a nutshell, I agree and Adrian’s makes 3 excellent points for why Enterprise Architecture should be taught.  Adrian’s short article… Read More »

Business Analytics Anyone?

By | January 11, 2012

Tweet Today, I participated in a focus group to help start up the BCIT School of Business Business Analytics Centre of Excellence.  The room was full of Business Intelligence/Analytics/Insight leaders from around Vancouver.  We were brought together by Ed Bosman and Karen Plesner both instructors in the BCIT School of Business.  Karen facilitated a two hour… Read More »

Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education – some global resources

By | December 18, 2011

Tweet Last week, John Gotze (@gotze) sent me a call to action by tweeting: Finnish universities adopt #entarch, and look for international inspiration and collaboration. Who’s doing EA for universities? @leodesousa? My first reply to John was the Twitter handles of practicing Enterprise Architects in higher education as well as the Educause group ITANA.  Educause also… Read More »

Microsoft Canadian Colleges Exec Briefing – Microsoft Integrated Virtualization

By | February 4, 2011

Tweet Jeff Johnson, Enterprise Strategist, Microsoft  je[email protected] Microsoft Integrated Virtualization With Less, Do More – looking at Business and IT – scale – enterprise to global, resources – fixed to elastic, governance – reactive and proactive, customer services – employee to self service Infrastructure Optimization How well do you manage? desktop configuration – most challenging… Read More »

Microsoft Canadian Colleges Exec Briefing – Identity and Access Mgmt

By | February 4, 2011

Tweet Mark Wahl, Senior Program Manager/Architect, Microsoft Corporation Identity and Access Management – Business ready Security Solutions Business needs agility and flexibility and IT needs control – these needs are in competition Business Ready Security – Protections = protect everywhere, access anywhere,  Access = simplify the security experience, Management = manage compliance, integrate and extend security across… Read More »

Microsoft Canadian Colleges Exec Briefing – Dynamic IT in Education

By | February 4, 2011

Tweet Greg Milligan, National Technology Strategist, Microsoft Canada Dynamic IT in Education IT deliverables on campus today – supporting users, providing services and governance Higher Education IT Challenges – cost containment, security, reliability, interoperability, available choices Looked at maturity models, first used Gartner Maturity Model and then MIT Maturity Model.  Measure 3 areas: core infrastructure,… Read More »

Microsoft Canadian Colleges Exec Briefing – Windows Devices

By | February 4, 2011

Tweet Mark Linton, Senior Director, Windows Phone Business, OEM Division Jeff McKee, Senior Director, Windows Client Business, OEM Division Windows Phone and Windows 7 Vision – create seamless experiences that combine the magic of software with the poser of the internet across a world of devices – PC, phone, TV all bridged by the Cloud… Read More »

Microsoft Canadian Colleges Exec Briefing – Institutional Effectiveness

By | February 4, 2011

Tweet David Raney MD, CEO Nuventive How do you achieve Institutional Effectiveness? What questions do you need to answer? are your core learning outcomes improving? how do you assess institutional performance? how do you measure strategic goals? … The Growing Challenges of Accountability – many challenges here centred around disconnect between data and planning What is… Read More »

Microsoft Canadian Colleges Exec Briefing – Collaboration with SharePoint

By | February 4, 2011

Tweet Rob Howard, Program Manager, SharePoint, Microsoft Corporation Collaboration Futures with SharePoint Looking at the work streams in SharePoint – deliver the best productivity experience, cut costs with a unified infrastructure, rapidly respond to business needs Sites Communities Content Search Insights Composites Optimize your deployment across scenarios – On premise and hosted solutions with SharePoint… Read More »