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Canadian Colleges Update – Dec 2009 Session 12 Education Products Strategy

By | December 9, 2009

Tweet Session 12 Jon Perera, GM Strategy, Education Higher Education studies about students and institutions. Looking at broad trends and their impacts on education delivery. Microsoft is making a commitment from a number of fronts – education software, programs and policy & advocacy. Interaction with over 300,000 schools across 115+ countries and 900 dedicated full… Read More »

Canadian Colleges Update – Dec 2009 Session 6 Microsoft Learning

By | December 9, 2009

Tweet Session 6 Chris Pirie, GM, Microsoft Learning Marketing and Sales Mgmt The Skills Imperative – bridging the skills gamp and increasing deployment – 3 pillars Digital Literacy – reaching the masses through technology readiness IT Academy Program – reaching future tech leaders through competency and career enablement Commercial Gold Certified Training – driving deployment… Read More »

Center for the Advancement of the Enterprise Architecture Profession

By | November 23, 2009

Tweet I have followed the development of the the Center for the Advancement of the Enterprise Architecture Profession with great interest over the past year.  The group has built a strong following and gathered sufficient momentum to be a force for the advocacy of Enterprise Architecture as a profession. After laying out a mission, vision,… Read More »

Discussions on IT Complexity … a beginning

By | October 4, 2009

Tweet I added Roger Sessions, CTO of ObjectWatch to my blogroll today. I have been following Roger on Twitter @RSessions particularly his posts and discussions on IT Complexity and how it relates to IT project failures.  On Thursday, Oct 8th Roger and I shared a conference call and agreed to investigate opportunities to collaborate on IT complexity… Read More »

EA Communication Plan Development

By | July 20, 2009

Tweet Serge Thorn wrote an excellent post called “Development of an Enterprise Architecture Communication Plan“. I really enjoyed the read and completely agree that communication is a key success factor for the success of any enterprise architecture practice. In the post, Serge set the stage by making a case for why a communication plan is… Read More »

Picking up Gems from Job Interviews

By | May 16, 2009

Tweet We are interviewing candidates for the Manager of our Program Management Office this week. These unfortunate economic times seem to generate a high number of quality applicants. Not so good for them but really good for us. I approach an interview as an opportunity for the selection committee and the applicant to learn from each… Read More »

Training to be better

By | December 22, 2008

Tweet I completed two training programs in December.  One program I wrote about in this post was the Enterprise Architecture Fundamentals from Carnegie Mellon Institute for Software Research International.  Good course run by Dr Scott Bernard who walked the group of students through his EA3 Cube Methodology from his book.  This was an online course with students… Read More »

Online Learning at Carnegie Mellon ISRI – SCS

By | November 2, 2008

Tweet In September, I enrolled in the Enterprise Architecture Fundamentals online course at Carnegie Mellon Institute for Software Research International in the School of Computing Science.  The course consists of watching an online lecture, answering and commenting on a weekly question and participating in a student project to create architecture artifacts for a fictious aerospace company.… Read More »