Center for the Advancement of the Enterprise Architecture Profession

by | November 23, 2009

I have followed the development of the the Center for the Advancement of the Enterprise Architecture Profession with great interest over the past year.  The group has built a strong following and gathered sufficient momentum to be a force for the advocacy of Enterprise Architecture as a profession. After laying out a mission, vision, goals and core values, the group published the Enterprise Architect’s Professional Oath.  Over 1000 people made the commitment to the Oath and signed up.

I became aware of this initiative via Mike Kavis (@madgreek65) and Bob McIlree (@rmcilree) and the buzz in the Twitterverse (@CAEAP).  Bob asked me to consider participating in the creation of the EA Professional Practice Guide.  Here is the goal of the document:

The Enterprise Architecture Professional Practice Guide is being created as the leading business practice document for enterprise architects to advance their own practices, as well as forming a crucial reference set of information for education bodies.

Furthermore, this guide will be utilized in the Registered Enterprise Architect exam preparation and will cover a range of ethical, legal, financial, management, marketing and administrative issues.  The essential knowledge needed for planning a thriving Enterprise Architecture practice under a vast set of scenarios will be created and maintained by industry leaders for the industry and the public.

Last week I got the formal invite and  I joined the CAEAP team working on the EA Professional Practice Guide as a Chapter Lead for Chapter 7: Standards for Accreditation in Education.  My first task is to understand the original intent of including Accreditation in Education for the PPG.   The intent of the chapter is to provide a clear description of the development, governance and implementation of an accreditation program for organizations that deliver education in Enterprise Architecture.  The first deliverable was to create a chapter abstract for peer review.  I just uploaded it to our team worksite.  Looking forward to the feedback and comments.

You can be sure that I will be blogging much more about CAEAP in the coming months.

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