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by | November 10, 2007

It is so cool and easy to do. Right now I am Skype’d wirelessly and my colleagues are on a wireless connection in Canberra at the CAUDIT EA Symposium 2007. This year the conference is taking place in Canberra and hosted by Katarina Christenson of the University of Canberra.

My very good friend David Bedwell of Charles Sturt University, who ran the CAUDIT EA Symposium 2006 last year which I spoke at in person, is running a preconference session.

David is running an Introduction to EA session for a group of people before the conference.

Started with a group problem. What do you need to consider if the Vice Chancellor has just said the University is delivering 3 new programs and they need to be up and running in the next year.

  • took a Zachman Framework Approach – what, how, where, when, who, why
  • next Enterprise Artifacts – data and process are the most difficult
  • discussion on Zachman primitives and composites
  • Data – excellent approach: data issues are highlighted in new projects and it is the project’s responsibility to fix the data issues as part of the project … simple and brilliant!
  • Organization – is very complex; can be derived from the published orgn charts on your university’s website
  • Process – is the big area of work; process is the constant. Showed the CSU process model
    • Core and Supporting processes – conceptual view
    • Talked about how projects fit with process – “wants” or “bids” based project requests vs what projects were funded. Saw that supporting processes got the projects but the core processes were under served
    • Service providers all had the same 3 processes: infrastructure, support clients, provide strategy
    • Now you can look for common approaches to deliver services to the institute or university
    • must involve people and discussion
  • Events – smaller topic; all over your website are calendars
  • Where – not too exciting but need to communicate
  • Strategy and Legislation – huge amount and growing
  • Next start to build matrices from process – Sam Holcman technique
  • Derivatives and Spinoffs – start to use this to educate new staff based on processes

Here are some key points that David makes:

  • “EA – It is not about technology…”
  • “work with the business at the top of the Zachman Framework”
  • “data becomes information becomes knowledge”
  • “you need a constant to have a feel for what to discuss” – process is it!
  • “applications are a manifestation of process”

Once again, David did a brilliant job. The last two and half hours were just excellent for me. Now how do I get similar momentum going at my work??

Images taken via Skype webcam.

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