Devoted to Dawn

by | July 16, 2013

This post is my devotion to the love of my life, my wife Dawn.  The title of this post says it all for me … I am devoted to Dawn.  Dawn and I have known each other for over 33 years.   All I can do is marvel and be supremely thankful that this amazing woman loves me.   She makes everything I do special.  She helps me be the person I aspire to be.

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary my darling Dawn!  I love you!!

We have been married for 25 years and I am not home to be with her on our special day because she is in Burnaby, BC, Canada  and I am in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.   Instead, we are a half a world away from each other and will rely on Skype until I return home in a week.

Dawn and I met while working together in Burnaby, BC when we were kids.  Reflecting back on our life together always amazes me.  We had a beautiful wedding with family and friends.  We traveled around the world for 7 months.  Enjoying and surviving a trip like that where you are together 24 x 7 for 7 months,  proves that you are meant for each other!   We saw so many amazing things together and I still smile when I think of our time on that adventure together.  We saw Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong (twice), Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Nepal, Germany, France, Italy, Greece and England. Amazing!!! Our favourites were New Zealand, Nepal and Greece.

Once we came home, the hard work began. We bought a house. We had two amazing children, Erin and Will.  Dawn was always my rock and source of confidence.  I changed jobs and she was there for me. And after 3 years of flying around BC in the forest industry, she gave me the confidence to apply for another job that turned into 20 years of a great career at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

In 2010, I said to Dawn, I need to complete a Masters program to advance my career an she said go for it. I applied and was accepted into the Syracuse University School of Information Management Masters of Information Management program. She handled all the family and house work while I studied.   I worked hard and achieved a 4.0 GPA for my MSc in Information Management but I would not have been able to do it without Dawn’s support.  This degree is a credit to her more than a it is a credit to me. Just another indication of my dedication to Dawn.  I was so proud to walk the stage in Syracuse University and get my Masters and it was all due to Dawn.  She is my inspiration.

In May 2012, I got an opportunity to be a candidate for the Director of Information Technology at the American Univeristy of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.   Dawn was so supportive of my application and she traveled with me to the UAE for the job interview over a year ago.

We accepted the job offer in July 2012 just after our 24th wedding anniversary and I moved to Sharjah in September 2012.  Dawn stayed our home in Burnaby, BC, Canada (suburb of Vancouver) in my absence and there is no way I can pay her back for taking on both our home jobs while she is still working as a nurse.  It has been very lonely here in Sharjah without her.

The last 25 years of marriage have been amazing and I am looking forward to the next 25+ years even more!

I love Dawn more than anyone will every know.  She is everything to me and that is why I am devoted to Dawn.  I love you Babe!!




2 thoughts on “Devoted to Dawn

  1. Karin Jackson

    Seriously. Makes. Me. Cry.
    Love the love Leo. And I will never tire of reading about your love story. Happy anniversary.

    1. Leo de Sousa Post author

      Thank you Karin! I am the most lucky man I know to have found the one woman who will put up with me!


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