Discussing a Technology Lifecycle Taxonomy

by | April 30, 2008

Tomorrow, I will be asking my peers in the Internet2 ITANA – IT Architects in Academia to do a peer review of a Technology Lifecycle taxonomy that we use at BCIT. As we developed our Enterprise Architecture, we needed a way to communicate not only the lifecycle of initiatives and technology but also their viability.

Here is what we use:

Technology Lifecycle

Here are the definitions that we use:

– includes initiatives and technologies that are being watched for maturity in industry

– includes initiatives and technologies that are currently under consideration, investigation or evaluation for future implementation

– includes initiatives and technologies that are the target of resources including financial investments and/or investments in human resources

– includes initiatives and technologies that deliver services identified in the Core Services Catalogue or in Service Level Agreements

– includes initiatives that have been completed and technologies that are in the process of being phased out

End of Life:
– includes initiatives and technologies that are being retired from service

While this is a life cycle, it is not mandatory that an initiative of technology follows through every step.


One thought on “Discussing a Technology Lifecycle Taxonomy

  1. Jim Phelps

    We use the word “Leverage” rather than Sustain. We like the implication that this is technology that we want to take advantage of and use to its fullest value. It is a semantic subtlety that seems to work with our leadership.


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