“Doing the Right Things” and “Doing Things Right”

by | June 3, 2008

Alan Inglis wrote a great post about Enterprise Architecture. He put up a very good diagram linking Management to Delivery with Architecture bridging them.

What I found interesting is that Alan used the same words I have been using in our EA practice for the past two years. Simply boiled down, Enterprise Architecture is about two things :

  • Doing the Right Things – using EA to support Governance so that the right things are done to support our Education, Research and Business mandates
  • Doing Things Right – using EA to improve our planning, manage complexity and encompass best practices like ITIL for IT Service Manangement

Thank you Alan for a great post and I hope you are good with me leveraging your final diagram in my organization.

One thought on ““Doing the Right Things” and “Doing Things Right”

  1. Alan Inglis

    Thank you for your kind words, if you find anything on my site useful then please reuse it…



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