EA Environmental Scan (Top 5 Future EA Trends) … a very late summary

by | January 5, 2008

First, thanks to everyone who contributed via the Shared Insights EANetwork. I originally posted this on September 16, 2007. I got swamped and did not post my list so here it is:

Trends and Impacts

  1. Trend – More stakeholders are connecting EA thinking (alignment of technology to support strategic goals) with business innovation and investments in change.
    Impact – EA will become embedded into the planning, procurement, implementation and delivery of services.
  2. Trend – Enterprise Architects more rare that IT architects. Growing your own EA might prove to be more successful than recruiting one
    Impact – Coaching, mentoring and training of internal staff to become IT strategic thinkers will help grow Enterprise Architects. Is there a path? Project Technical Lead to IT Domain Architect to IT Solutions Architect to Enterprise Architect to Chief Architect?
  3. Trend – More acquisition of COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) technologies that are build for configuration and integration instead of requiring customization
    Impact – Configurable technology allows more time for upfront Business Analysis to gather the right requirements and simpler, more manageable ongoing support and maintenance.
  4. Trend – Maturing of IT Governance within organizations with EA linking people, process and technology to support strategy. EA Guiding Principles are widely understood by decision makers and become policy.
    Impact – Enterprise Architects within organizations need to collaboratively develop EA Guiding Principles and EA Approval processes for technology acquisition. We use the following :  REUSE before ACQUIRE before CREATE
  5. Trend – Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technology matures and becomes reliable  for mainstream solutions. Enterprise Architects will use SOA to create serviced based solution architectures with reuse as the guiding principle.
    Impact – EA’s need to architect small pilot SOA solutions in the near term so that in the longer term when an ERP or CRM vendor decides to go the SOA route, they are well versed in the impact to their organizations.

Thanks again and I suppose we should update this post annually! Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “EA Environmental Scan (Top 5 Future EA Trends) … a very late summary

  1. Keith Frampton

    G’day Leo,
    Happy 2008! Thanks for the summary post. I didn’t reply to your request as I was away at the time. The trends certainly make sense to me. One other we are seeing in Australia is a real scarcity in decent EAs. This is leading to salary hikes, less qualified people undertaking the roles and even EA establishment/enhancement having to be deferred even though the BAU projects etc continue, thereby creating divergence due to lack of people. Another impact is that higher ed in Australia does not pay very well adn the process of increases is very slow so the gap between higher ed salaries and industry salaries is getting very, very large with significant consequence.
    Anything similar elsewhere? Regards, Keith

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