Educause Vendor Exhibit Summary

by | November 6, 2007

The vendor exhibit at Educause was something to see … over 200 vendors had booths to shop their wares.  Here is a summary of some vendors I visited:


  • cool new UI
  • incorporating Web 2.0 features like built in wiki, tagging, saved search

Web Checkout

  • schedule, manage and maintain
  • billing, repair, maintenance, email messaging, integration for data exchange, media management, patron initiated reservation


  • unified threat management with logging FortiAnalyzer and FortiManager
  • modular, multilayered security

rSmart Sakai CLE (collaboration and learning environment)

TouchNet – Seek N Secure

  • PCI Data Security Standard – cool product that allows scanning disk storage looking for SIN, Student ID, credit card numbers on our network storage
  • provides in context search for where possible data exposures are located
  • may be a very good tool to support our 350x policies


  • Adobe Air (Adobe Integrated Runtime) – Web 2.0 in Education – the emergence of Rich Internet Applications
  • Sungard HE is using Adobe Flex for their new product offerings in Enrolment Management

Burton Group

  • consulting services and research
  • provides deep research to compliment Gartner’s Broad Research
  • 8 research areas


  • multimedia presentation systems
  • lots of new and cool features
  • plug and play with ip management
  • Question is this going to be relevant in the future with device independent delivery?

interwrite – schoolpad

  • very powerful smart board with integrated tablet and clicker interaction via bluetooth

Lockdown Networks – Enforcer

  • provides iNAC control and quarantine ability for devices as they connect to the network
  • works with Novell, Microsoft and Aruba

Lenovo – pcs and laptops

  • claim they are very competitive with Toshiba
  • personally their Thinkpads are very bulky and awkward looking


  • lesson builder tool for faculty that integrates with WebCT


  • we are piloting in the RO
  • looks like a very good product and could replace our KB in the future


  • accelerate application performance
  • load balancing and content switching
  • SSL acceleration

This was just a sample of the vendors that came and participated in Educause 2007.  It was a very worthwhile 4 hours spent.  Now if only we could get some budget!!

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