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by | December 18, 2011

Last week, John Gotze (@gotze) sent me a call to action by tweeting:

Finnish universities adopt #entarch, and look for international inspiration and collaboration. Who’s doing EA for universities? @leodesousa?
My first reply to John was the Twitter handles of practicing Enterprise Architects in higher education as well as the Educause group ITANA.  Educause also has a reference section for Enterprise Architecture. http://www.educause.edu/Resources/Browse/EnterpriseArchitecture/17214

@gotze there is an @educause group called #itana chaired by @jimphelps. Some others @pauldhobson @EAinHE @ricphillips many others and me @leodesousa

This got me thinking that a quick post with some links to enterprise architecture resources in higher education might be worthwhile.  So here goes in no particular order:
In Australia and New Zealand, The Council of Australian University Directors of IT sponsored the annual Enterprise Architecture Symposium.  I had the privilege to be one of the guest keynote speakers at the inaugural conference organized by my friend and colleague David Bedwell at Charles Sturt University in November 2006. David’s leadership and vision has resulted in the conference becoming a “must attend” annual event.  I presented at the second and third conferences via Skype video conference and was curious where the group has gone since I last participated.

Summary of CAUDIT EA Symposium Links – with presentations resources

In the US,  Marina Arseniev from the University of California, Irvine has a very mature EA practice and her work definitely should be considered.  https://apps.adcom.uci.edu/EnterpriseArch/index.html.  Brian Cameron, at Penn State has founded and leads the Center for Enterprise Architecture.  MIT has an outstanding site that also proved very valuable to helping me along in developing our EA practice http://web.mit.edu/itag/eag/.

In the UK, JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) has conducted pilot projects and published papers that are very worthwhile reading and provide insights on ways to adopt EA into higher education.

From Canada, there is my blog Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education that I have been writing since 2007.

I am sure I missed many excellent sources of EA practices in our higher education and apologize in advance to my colleagues.  Hopefully, this gives you a good start.

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