Followup on Sleepless in Seattle … the presentations from MS

by | November 19, 2007

Here is an update to my earlier post about the Higher Education Technology Symposium at Microsoft on Oct 22nd … I received the link to the presentations from the day … enjoy!


  • Microsoft Public Sector and Higher Education (Microsoft Office PowerPoint file, 1.6 MB) Ralph Young, Vice President, Microsoft World Wide Public Sector
  • The Collaborative Campus (Microsoft PowerPoint file, 13.5 MB) Olaf Hubel, Enterprise Technology Strategist, Microsoft Corporation Walter Harp, Group Product Manager, Windows [email protected]
  • Disruption in the Academy: A Case for Catalytic Innovation (Microsoft Office PowerPoint file, 3.1 MB) Anoop Gupta, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Education Products Group
  • New World of Work (Microsoft Office PowerPoint file, 34 MB) Daniel Rasmus, Director of Information Work Vision, Microsoft Corporation
  • Campus Infrastructure Platform (Microsoft Office PowerPoint file, 6 MB) Patrick Hevesi, Enterprise Technology Strategist, Microsoft Corporation
  • A Look into Microsoft Research and Innovation (Microsoft PowerPoint file, 9.5 MB) Behrooz Chitsaz, Director, Microsoft IP Strategy, MS Research
  • How I Learned to be a Better Teacher from Halo (Microsoft Office PowerPoint file, 5.5 MB) Dr. Jim Ptaszynski, Senior Director, World Wide Higher Education Strategy, Microsoft Corporation

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