Forrester Top 15 Technology Trends – Webinar Notes

by | January 27, 2011

Gene Leganza (@gleganza) VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Inc discusses and presents on Technology Trends.  Gene used the following criteria (Impact, Newness, Complexity) to help describe the trends. In Oct 2010, Gene wrote about the Top 15 Technology Trends on his Forrester blog.  Gene published a table of the top trends here.

On Jan 26, 2011, Gene presented a webinar about his research.  Here are some notes I took:

Theme 1 Empowered Technologies

SaaS and cloud based platforms become standard

  • Customer community platforms integerate with business applications
  • Apps and business processes go mobile
  • Collaboration moves from document centric to people centric

Theme 2 Process Centric Data and Intelligence

  • Next gen BI takes shape
  • IaaS finds a broader audience
  • Master data management matures
  • Analytics target text and social networks

Theme 3 Agile and Fit-to-Purpose Applications

  • Business rules processing move to mainstream
  • BPM will be Web 2.0 enabled
  • Event driven patterns demand attention

Theme 4 Smart Technology Management

  • Systems management enables continued virtualization
  • Client virtualization is ubiquitous
  • IT embraces planning and analytics tools


  • Craft your internal innovation process
  • Integrate your criteria with your business model and priorities
  • Use an annual scan as input to next year’s research agenda
  • Socialize and communicate – create your “technology watch annual report”

Thanks for the insights Gene. I will be looking at our enterprise architecture and see how your themes fit.

One area I would like to comment on in Theme 1 Empowered Technologies.  There is still not enough research and policy work being done on privacy and security for cloud based services.  Influencing governments particularly those outside the United States to modernize their thinking and laws will be a much longer road.  In the meantime, those of us outside the US continue to struggle with the adoption of cloud based services due to things like the Patriot Act and our own privacy laws.

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