IT4BC 2007 Conference – Day 1

by | June 14, 2007

Great start to the day for the 8th Annual IT4BC conference. Met lots of colleagues and friends from other BC Higher Education Institutions.

The keynote was delivered by Brian Lamb.

Confessions of a Royal Pain in the Butt
Brian Lamb, Project Coordinator & Instructor, UBC

Our keynote speaker has been working closely with UBC’s IT professionals for years, and has consistently vexed them with his unorthodox demands and unwillingness to specify use cases. Brian will attempt to defend his shockingly lax approach to planning as a grounded philosophy intended to foster user autonomy and innovation. He will also review some approaches to web strategy that are emerging outside of campus environments, such as open access to content and open APIs, and attempt to make a case why we need to learn from these efforts and apply them within our educational institutions.

This turned into a very provocative talk about how to engage faculty and students with open source technology. I really liked how he presented using his blog and wiki instead of the dreaded Powerpoint! I will have to give this a go soon … maybe at CBUC. Back to the topic at hand, can we provide personal learning environments for our students and faculty??

I presented the Application Portfolio and had a good response. I am still working hard to build an Enterprise Architecture Community of Practice. I see a glimmer of light … hopefully it’s not a train coming my way!

Also went to a great session by Kwantlen on integrating Moodle LMS with Luminis Portal and Banner. Excellent work and an elegant design … commercial LMS’ should pay attention.

More to come tomorrow … great value for the conference fee.

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