Leadership AND Management

by | September 11, 2007

Thanks very much to Nick Malik for a great post “Leadership vs Management”

Interestingly, I have made the move from being the Senior Enterprise Architect to the Manager, Business Application Services. I completely agree with Nick about needing both leadership and management to successfully advance EA (as well as other initiatives). I am moving from a position of influence to a position with 25 direct reports! Daunting to say the least.

So taking the message of “listening” to heart (and to action), I am trying a weekly standup meeting with my new team of 25 IT Professionals (BAs, PMs, Sys Admins, Application Developers, BI Analysts and DBAs).

The question remains … so what happens to EA? I will work hard now to lead and manage my new team using EA as our guide posts.

Much, much more to come as I have so much to learn.

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