Microsoft Canadian Colleges Exec Briefing – Windows Devices

by | February 4, 2011

Mark Linton, Senior Director, Windows Phone Business, OEM Division

Jeff McKee, Senior Director, Windows Client Business, OEM Division

Windows Phone and Windows 7

Vision – create seamless experiences that combine the magic of software with the poser of the internet across a world of devices – PC, phone, TV all bridged by the Cloud

  • Hotmail (368M people), Bing , MSN (459M users), Windows Live, zune, xBox Live

Windows Phone – Mark

A new user-centric design that operates differently using Smart Design and Windows Phone Hubs (for collaboration).  The development toolkit uses the .Net framework and Visual Studio.

Microsoft Windows 7 Commercial Slate Strategy and Roadmap – The Power of Yes – Jeff

Changing Workplace Then —> Now

  • at the office —> anywhere
  • during work hours —> anytime
  • assigned PC —> my PC & devices
  • limited choice —> limitless choice

What do you do ignore and resist or embrace and empower?  How do you handle the work-life blur?  The issue of data privacy and security is also critical.  What do you want the device to do?  Act as a consumer of data and information or do you need to run apps especially enterprise apps?

There are a ton of slate devices coming with lots of functions and features …

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