Microsoft Canadian Colleges Update – Dec 2009 Day 2 Summary

by | December 21, 2009

Here are the Day 2 sessions linked into one blog post.  Again, lots of good content and multiple sessions that got me thinking about how to leverage the Microsoft capabilities we already own.  I wrote mini posts on each session and linked them here for your easy reference.

** Updated post with links to slide decks – Dec 21, 2009

Wednesday Dec 10th

Session 7 – Unified Communications Overview – slides

Session 8 – Office Communication Server Case Study

Session 9 – Windows Server 2008 R2 Strategy and Future Directions – slides

Session 10 – [email protected] Overview

Session 11 – Security Microsoft Strategy Overview – slides

Session 12 – Education Products Strategy – slides

Day 2 was another full day with plenty of excellent information.  Thanks to Microsoft for hosting this excellent event. I now have a much clearer understanding of what Microsoft can bring to the table.  Now, our task is to understand and architect a roadmap to leverage our newly created Active Directory, migrate to Exchange, create and deliver a SharePoint platform service and protect it all using a multi-layer security approach using ForeFront.

This was extremely valuable to me and I sincerely hope that Microsoft continues their commitment to educate and share future directions.

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