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by | November 2, 2008

In September, I enrolled in the Enterprise Architecture Fundamentals online course at Carnegie Mellon Institute for Software Research International in the School of Computing Science.  The course consists of watching an online lecture, answering and commenting on a weekly question and participating in a student project to create architecture artifacts for a fictious aerospace company.

The course is taught be Dr Scott Bernard who is the author of the EA 3 Cube I met at the University of Alaska in May. Scott wrote a book that I recommend reading called Introduction to Enterprise Architecture that introduces Scott’s concept of a EA cube as a respository model.

The course has been a good experience and interacting with students from all around the world really helps broaden my thinking and understanding.

I will be posting more about this course and its followup Advanced Enterprise Architecture over the next year. My goal is to complete both courses and earn the Certified Enterprise Architect designation from Carnegie Mellon.

Are there programs or courses you are working on in EA?  I would be very interested to know.  I plan on looking for a Masters program with EA as the focus to apply to for next fall.

4 thoughts on “Online Learning at Carnegie Mellon ISRI – SCS

  1. Karm

    Pls. post your comments on how the course has benefited you ? I am interested in pursuing the EA CMU course myself. Thanks.

  2. LeodeSousa Post author

    Karm, Sorry for the delay. I will be posting my experience over the holidays with the CMU EA course. Thanks, Leo

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