Our First IT Core Service Catalogue

by | September 5, 2014

I am very proud to announce that we have published the first version of our IT Core Service Catalogue for our university.

We started this process in November 2012 and I described the approach in a post called : Introducing IT Service Management Using a Core Service Catalogue.  This post described our approach to building a customer facing service catalogue.

I followed up this post and described our work in a post called: What are your Services?  In this post, I described the difference between a Client Service Catalogue and a Technical Service Catalogue.  I also described the workshop we ran to develop Service Categories.   Just to refresh your memory, here are the service categories we developed:

  • Applications – 10 service definitions
  • Collaboration and Communication – 4 service definitions
  • Consulting – 2 service definitions
  • Devices and Software – 12 service definitions
  • Email and Messaging – 3 service definitions
  • IT Security and Identity Management – 2 service definitions
  • Learning and Teaching – 2 service definitions
  • Networking – 4 service definitions
  • Printing – 2 service definitions
  • Service Desk – 2 service definitions

In August 2014, we completed our work on creating Service Definitions for each of the Service Categories above.   We developed 45 service definitions and have begun communicating these to our university community.   Over the next year, we will assess the effectiveness of these service definitions, collect feedback and then review each service definition to ensure that they accurately reflect our ability to deliver them and the needs of our clients.

I am very proud of our AUS IT team for completing this major achievement as we continue to develop a culture of service management.

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