Personal Learning Plans Support Employee Retention

by | September 2, 2014

I have been a strong advocate of implementing Personal Learning Plans (PLP) for employees for years.  This concept was introduced to me during my years working at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.  I used the Personal Learning Plan process to help my teams improve their abilities in the jobs they have and to advance their careers.

Here are some examples of why I am such a big fan of this approach for us how have the privilege to be leaders and develop the people in our care:

  • Personally, I had a personal learning plan as a staff member and was able to use it to support 3 promotions in my career including my move from staff member to management
  • At BCIT, we used personal learning plans as documented evidence to support staff member reclassification applications.  Every one of my team members who applied for a promotion were successful and their PLP was a contributing factor.  Talk about a great retention strategy!
  • When our institution was restricted by government mandates to 0% increases over multiple, we were still able to provide training and based on my one to one conversations proved to be another retention strategy
  • In my time in the Middle East, I introduced PLPs to my staff and made it part of the process of developing an IT Training Plan.  In the two years I was the Director of Information Technology at the American University of Sharjah, all my staff had a PLP and received more training than they had in the previous 5 years.  Again, in my regular one to one meetings, every staff member commented that the planned approach to training was a factor that helped them to be motivated and committed to staying at the University.

Tonight as I was reading some blog posts and articles, I came across this on the CIO Network group on LinkedIn:

This is a short read and I was impressed that the article showed expected salaries for employees who attained high level certifications.   The article states:

top 5 ways to do that is focusing on: the work environment; hardware/software programs; perks of hard work; recognition and education. That’s where focusing on the top certification programs comes in handy.

This quote supports my research paper as well as my years of experience ensuring that the teams I lead get the training they need to be successful.

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