Remembrance Week – Wednesday Nov 12, 2008

by | November 13, 2008

Someone sent me an email a year ago about Red Fridays.  Another quiet Canadian way to support our troops and their families.

Here is the Red Fridays Foundation Mission:

Our Mission:

  • To promote wearing Red on Fridays that is impartial to any world events and remain non partisan on supporting the Canadian Troops.
  • To offer all  organizations that support the movement to wear Red on Fridays a common website portal for their events and assistance in organizing their events.
  • To respect all soldiers that have given their lives for Canada by publishing a memorial for those that have fallen recently
  • To create brand recognition the RED FRIDAYS RIBBON as a nationally recognized symbol for support of our Canadian troops.
  • To offer media a single source of Red Fridays activities nation wide.
  • To be recognized as a Canadian source for supporting Canadian troops, Canadian Forces activities information and liaison for Canadian Citizens to show support to our troops.

Since then I have tried my best to remember to wear red on Fridays …

Lest we forget

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