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by | October 1, 2015

I started my blog “Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education” in May 2007 to share the EA work my colleagues and I have done. My goal was to share the practical approaches that we implemented to move our organizations forward. I hope that you have seen value and found ways to use some of our ideas to move your EA work practices forward.  Over that time, I have had the privilege of sharing our ideas, receiving outstanding feedback and building connections around the world.

As I have grown in my management and leadership practice, I find that I am writing more about leadership, management and strategy while still finding time to develop an EA methodology and practice. Now that I don’t work in the Higher Education sector, I feel like it is time to rename my blog.

So farewell Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education and welcome to:

Enterprise Architecture: Practical Approaches

Hope you continue to follow my posts and are willing to continue to provide the feedback/comments that I value so much. I will be redesigning the look of this blog over the next few weeks to make my posts more accessible.

Sincere thanks, Leo

4 thoughts on “Renaming This Blog

  1. EAComposer

    Your blog is good and it provides a lot of valuable information. By the way, under which brand name was your ea products focused on?

    1. Leo de Sousa Post author

      Thanks for reading my blog and finding value in what I posted. I started my EA journey working with John Zachman’s work. I have read and explored many of the others. I can’t say that the work my teams have done follow any one brand. Practical approaches for EA is the common theme of my approach to EA.

  2. EAComposer

    Nice blog…EAComposer is an EA tool for enterprise architecture using TOGAF that was built from scratch. Designed with the help of architects with many years of TOGAF experience. The aim was to keep it practical & usable.


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