Saturday Sages on Twitter – who do you learn from?

by | March 3, 2012

The #FollowFriday (#FF) trend on Twitter has been around for years.

Here is the first tweet that started it all:!/micah/status/1124262248  by Micah Baldwin @micah on Jan 16, 2009:

I am starting Follow Fridays. Every Friday, suggest a person to follow, and everyone follow him/her. Today its @fancyjeffrey & @w1redone.

Every week, someone in my Twitter group posts a #followfriday or #FF tweet.  I always look at these tweets for new people I can learn from and sometimes I am honoured to be in the #FF tweet.

My challenge is that most Fridays I am so swamped with work that I don’t get a chance to post a #ff tweet until the day is done.  I learn so much from the people I follow and decided I had to find a way to acknowledge them.

I have decided to post a spin off of #FollowFriday … I am calling it Saturday Sages #SS.

So why would I choose this.  Twitter has become my Personal Learning Network (PLN).  I follow, connect and learn with people all around the world.  Each week I learn from the many tweets in my Twitter feed (@leodesousa).  I want to have a way to acknowledge the people that took the time to share their knowledge.

Kate Klingensmith wrote an outstanding post on her blog “Once a Teacher …” called PLN: Your Personal Learning Network Made Easy – I recommend you read it if you want to build your PLN.  Kate defines a Personal Learning Network as:

n. – the entire collection of people with whom you engage and exchange information, usually online.

Here are more references and links about Personal Learning Networks for you to reference from the Wikipedia PLN page.

My first Saturday Sages tweets posted today (Mar 3, 2012) ….

I am always swamped on Fridays and don’t have time to post a FollowFriday #FF tweet … I am thinking I need to start a Saturday Sages #SS (!/leodesousa/status/175999770580631552)

Here is the first Saturday Sages tweet!

People I learn from Saturday Sages #SS @BackFromRed @chrisdpotts @thoughttrans @tetradian @jobsworth @madgreek65 @dougnewdick @bmichelson (!/leodesousa/status/176000875238653953)

Each week, I will post a #SS tweet mentioning the people I learned something from in the past week.

I feel the need to do this and hope it catches on with some of you.   I would love to learn about and connect to the people you are learning from.  Hope you would like to contribute to Saturday Sages! #SS

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