SEMM Forum 2010 Notes 1

by | November 29, 2010

Strategic Enrolment Marketing and Management Forum 2010

I attended this forum last Monday November 22, 2010 and decided to blog my notes.  Hope you find them helpful.  Leo

Innovations in Enrolment Management – Dr Jim Black, President and CEO of SEM WORKS

Being Strategic – referenced book The Fifth Discipline (reality to vision) – do this by creating some positive tension

  • Enrolment Goals – using these themes: Institutional Aspirations, Business Intelligence, Institutional Capacity, External Forces
  • Capacity, Quantity, Quality and Diversity impact the Strategic SEMM Vision
  • Look for Challenges and Opportunities – seek out the challenges and address them instead of letting things happen to you
  • think about finding 1 or 2 “Blue Ocean” strategies that will allow you to leap frog your competition
  • need to encourage more science in the academic program lifecycle – phases : concept (market research), introduction (enrolment support), growth (enrolment support), maturation (data support), decline (resource allocation)

Identify Market Opportunities

  • matrix – established programs vs new programs:
  • est programs and markets = lowest risk – market penetration
  • est market and new prog – medium risk – program expansion
  • est prog and new market – medium risk – market expansion
  • new prog and market – highest risk – market diversification

Precision Retention Strategies

  • Attention Causation – targeted strategies and programs
  • Protracted Intervention – integrated, sustained coaching
  • Student Success Culture – shared vision, broad awareness, incentives and accountability

Decision Factors by Students (reputation vs academic quality) (Academia Group, 2010)

  • outcome – high academic quality, low reputation
  • elite – high academic quality, high reputation
  • commodity – low academic quality, low reputation
  • nurturing – high reputation, low academic quality
  • campus – high reputation, low academic quality

Some key factors we need to consider:

  • showcase our faculty – because the quality of faculty is a strong determining factor in students’ decisions
  • cost of education will be an ongoing theme
  • graduates get high quality jobs
  • attractiveness of campus
  • class size, faculty-student interaction
  • campus safety/security

#1 thing students go to for information is your institutional website and #2 thing is the web portals

Campus tours and open houses are very significant in the decision making of students and parents – for BCIT this will be our Gateway project

Institutional viewbooks and  brochures need to be changed to reduce the size and include more pictures to be effective.  Some organizations are now generating personalize (in near realtime) brochures geared to the student and their interest.

Enrolment Dashboards

Attach strategies to the goals you are tracking – use balanced scorecard and strategy map approach

Continuum Approach : Information sharing -> communication -> collaboration -> fusion -> integration

Antecedents for Success

  • an enrolment champion leading an enrolment plan – need multiple champions
  • the right people, in the right seats on the right bus
  • organizational structure
  • faculty and staff learning
  • adequate resources
  • technology optimization
  • incentives to innovate
  • leadership support
  • accountability

Best quote: “Why would you spend millions on student information systems and then not fully leverage them?”

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