SEMM Forum 2010 Notes 2

by | December 2, 2010

Branding and Recruitment: Two Sides of the Coin

Mary Dila Brainstorm Strategy Group

Discussion on “what is a brand”

  • example of the Nike swoosh – in itself is not a brand
  • many definitions – needs to fit with the parameters of your institution – gurus talk and write about an “emotional response” to an institution (see Kevin Lane Keller, Bobby J. Calder, Marty Neumier…)
  • Brand is a promise about attributes, values, essence, …
  • too many choices, too limited time
  • offerings have similar qualities and features
  • base our buying on trust
  • Marty Neumier’s “gut check” when looking at brands (book: The Brand Gap)

Value of Brand

  • differentiate from competition
  • dispel misconceptions
  • consolidate strengths
  • develop case for support
  • strengthen HR
  • recruitment
  • brand touch points are key so put it at the centre


The process of attracting, screening and selecting qualified people for a job at a position in an organization (Wikipedia)

Strategic Enrolment Management includes many things and is very challenged by the silos in our organizations

Recruitment shapes Brand

Brand strengthens Recruitment

Trends with SEMM need to bridge the silos in our organizations – integrated approach is key.  Reviewed University of Ottawa case study.  Challenge of incorporating bi-lingual nature of the university into the brand and its components -> uOttawa.  Very similiar campaign using “It starts here” in 2003 as BCIT uses today with our “IT” campaign.  Discussion about Trust and Brand with Ottawa Police Service.

Brand and Recruitment Themes

  • authentic representation
  • emotional connection, relationship
  • empathetic communication with your audience
  • engagement, listening, learning
  • delivered promises

Recommend watching Michael Wesch – videos :

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