SEMM Forum 2010 Notes 4

by | December 3, 2010

Career Services and Retention: The Academic Connection

Tony Botelho – SFU

First semester is key to address career and academic goals with students because 2 out of 3 students say the most important reason for attending post secondary is to prepare for a specific job or career or to get a good job.

Look at the following career theories:

  • Dr John Krumboltz – Happenstance
  • Dr Jim Bright – Chaos Theory of Careers
  • Daniel Pink – Adventures of Johnny Bunko (book)
    • there is no plan
    • think strengths not weakness
    • it’s not about you
    • persistence trumps talent
    • make excellent mistakes
    • leave an imprint

% of mid career professionals doing what they thought they were going to do at 18 = 2%

Carol Naylor, UBC

UBC Career Services and the Faculty of Arts – silo’d approach was the norm in 2007


  • participation in centralized programs is low
  • students are “sent” to career centre
  • gaps and duplication
  • programs are narrowly focused
  • student are confused
  • minimal recognition and support for careers from Dean
  • limited faculty support

New Model

  • collapsed 7 silos into one group Student Services in Arts Leadership Team with one leader who is the Assistant Dean of Arts
  • prioritize, plan and deliver integrated services for Arts Students funded by Faculty of Arts
  • New Opportunities – arts career expo, arts internship program, departmental career and “majors” events and Imagine UBC
  • Centre for Arts Student Servics (CASS) website and newsletter
  • advocacy for funding at the Dean’s table

Richard P. Keeling, Horizontal and Vertical Structures: The Dynamics of Organization in Higher Education

  • connect with the vertical (faculties) with your horizontal (services) groups

General Career Discussion Themes – Tony – use movie video clips to help introduce the themes

  • uncertainty – very few people know exactly who they are or will be
  • influences – family, peers, environment, society, trends
  • who are you? – you always have a choice of who you are or will be

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