SEMM Forum 2010 Notes 6

by | December 4, 2010

Getting Human Online: Making Your Voice Stand Out on the Social Web

Howard Kang, Ignition Officer BlueFuego Inc

  • Explosive growth of the web and the information available to people anytime, anywhere – 40,000% growth in 10 years
  • Accessibility to well known people have radically decreased with the use of social media
  • Communication is fast and spreads so quickly
  • Technology is getting easier – look at the iPad
  • the future of the web? – narrow casting and individualization
  • social media doesn’t matter, people matter
  • when you focus on the shifting technology tools like social media, you take away your ability to stand out
  • best practices in Higher Ed are common practices – copying others does not make you unique
  • storytelling is NOT the new marketing hotness – it is very old and based on the oral tradition
  • Marty Neumeier – check his work –
  • People don’t want to be told what to think
  • the goal is to help people put words to their experience
  • branding is about focus
  • the future of marketing is personality – schools can do this
  • personality is not what makes you great, it’s what makes you unique
  • you are what you publish online – Google never forgets!
  • Your brand lives and dies through your community
  • get your ear to the ground, there are gems all around you
  • Show me, don’t tell me – this makes a huge difference
  • cut the barriers of communication everywhere you can
  • be available – don’t put up a social media site and then not be there – plug the gaps
  • Face to Face + the Golden Rule
  • @howardkang – [email protected]
  • Recommend : 50% informational posts, 25% conversational posts, 25% tangential posts that come back to your brand

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