SGHE Summit – Millennial, Metrics and the New Media

by | April 27, 2010

Millennial, Metrics and the New Media – John Della Volpe (@dellavolpe)

Millenials are a Big Deal

  • Millenials = 13 to 30 year olds, they are the largest generation in human history and they have a significant impact on the economy
  • This generation has trust issues – especially with traditional media and old institutions and they are not afraid to let you know it.
  • They trust a recommendation from a friend 4x as much as TV and email.
  • Connecting online was not a fluke, millennial’ brains are wired differently.
  • Gen X (latch key kids) – first generation where both parents are working. TV was the primary entertainer
  • Millennial (also latch key kids) – now the internet is the primary entertainer and they interact socially on the web
  • if not for Millennials, Hilary Clinton would be the president of the USA and not Barak Obama (e.g. Millenials voted for Obama 57% to 11% in Iowa) – Obama campaign targeted Millenials, Clinton did not

What are Millenials Thinking about today

  • Politics and Government (latest Harvard IOP Survey)
    • Obama’s job performance stable
    • Republicans eyeing midterm elections
    • US Military most trusted institutions surveyed
  • Economy
    • economic anxiety is palpable
    • majority concerned about keeping head above water
    • half of students concerned about staying in college
  • Service
    • millennials remain committed to community service

Stats on concern about keeping head above water 45% stay in college, 46% ability to live in the city they want, 56% afford health care, 58% affort a place to liver, 60% ability to pay bills

“The Facebook” and Social Media

  • Facebook is the 3rd largest country by population, China, India, Facebook, USA …
  • by next Jan 2011, there will be more people 50+ yo on facebook than <30 yo
  • for stats
  • Facebook is mainstream while Twitter skews younger

Mapping Your SocialSphere

  • ORBIT Map
  • 4 categories of sites on the Internet – General News (traditional), Industry News, Social Frameworks (Networks), Blogs and Communities – target type graphic for College Applicants and their interaction with the 4 types

What has Changed in the Last 18 Months

  • College Confidential, College Prowler, Zinch – social ranking sites
  • YouTube is starting to become more relevant and influential – video is really taking off
  • good Facebook site are becoming the ‘state of practice”

We need to see more effort connecting parents of millennials

  • parents are seeking much more information than ever before
  • social software can help deliver information and messages to parents
  • at BCIT, we talk about “Helicopter Parents” – “they are always hovering around”

This was a great talk and having John presenting two years in a row at Summit really helped show the significant changes over the past year.

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