SGHE Summit – Project Horizon Technical Overview

by | April 27, 2010

SGHE Summit – Project Horizon Technical Overview – Bob Rullo (@bobrullo)

* power in Moscone West went out just as Bob started his talk. He did a great job working through his presentation with no slides! Great job, Bob!

SGHE Summit – Project Horizon Technical Overview

– needs Oracle 11gR1 database, Oracle Weblogics App Server, Java 6, Grails 1.1
– moving from Banner INB forms to new Horizon (Aurora UI) architecture
– need to migrate CRUD and transaction validation, field level validation (UI centric validation)

Grails Architecture
– a controller handles requests and talks to services to provide a response (data back to the user)
– blocks and fields map to the domain model like a row in a relational table
– field level validation moves to the view as do the canvases and windows – AJAX based

– leveraging automation techniques – by gathering metadata in the Banner Db and create a domain object
– can generate 80 to 90% of the domain models with these tools

– services are also being generated as well as the UI – where are fields located and how do we navigate between them

– we will be allowed access to these automation tools for our custom code and modifications
– look at providing us preview releases to get familiar on how things work and provide feedback to SGHE

– test early and often approach – huge increase in unit tests 100 to over 1000 = better quality
– our people need to learn GRAILS, java, groovy skills as well as spring and hibernate, still using PL/SQL apis
** SGHE please provide us a VM spec for a sample sandbox application

Resource Oriented Architecture – RESTful architecture allows us to extend our Open Digital Campus

More sessions …IT Lounge on Tuesday at 4pm

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