Smart Communities Roadshow 2019 Presentation

by | March 10, 2019

I had the honour of delivering the keynote presentation at the Public Sector Network Smart Communities Roadshow 2019 in Vancouver on Wednesday March 6, 2019. I leveraged the World Economic Forum Global Risks 2019 report to show focus areas for us as we invest in Smart Cities technologies. I posted my presentation slides here.

The event had many excellent organizations and presenters. The collaboration and ideas shared helped me gain a better understanding of the challenges/opportunities that adopting Smart Cities technologies.

Looking forward to your comments and feedback.

Smart Communities Roadshow 2019 – Vancouver from Leo de Sousa

2 thoughts on “Smart Communities Roadshow 2019 Presentation

  1. Vivian Forssman

    Hi Leo
    Very good slide deck. I like the bubbles breakdown re digital strategy in SmartCities strategy, and reminisced about trying to move those similar bubbles in higher ed ;-).

    Hey I am working on a great new initiative that may intersect with your SmartCities work. I am rolling out training and development for engineers, agrologists, urban planners, etc on climate change adaptation (funded by BC Climate Action Secretariat and Natural Resources Canada), with 7 BC post-secs and 7 professional associations involved. Perhaps we should figure a way to make these 2 initiatives (digital transformation and climate adaptation) leverage off each other, since they are both right up at the top of WEF priorities. If you are interested let’s connect for a coffee to catch up and see what we can do re mindmeld.

    1. Leo de Sousa Post author

      Great to hear from you Vivian. Let’s see if we can meet up in the next month downtown. I will message you shortly.


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