So what Masters Program should I choose?

by | January 25, 2009

I am at the point in my career where I feel the need to get a Masters degree to advance my career. The question is which one to go for? I have been asking friends and colleagues so I thought I would ask all of you.

Here are my criteria for the program:

  • suitable for a senior IT leader who is working to move up to a CIO/CTO level
  • focused on Enterprise Architecture and Technology Management
  • offered in part time mode over several years
  • delivered in an blended online/F2F delivery mode
  • some residency portions would be good because I enjoy F2F interaction
  • looking to start the program in September 2009

Please post any suggestions as comments.  Thank you for helping me!

5 thoughts on “So what Masters Program should I choose?

  1. Karin

    Hi Leo…

    How about Royal Road’s MBA in Digital Technology Management? The next intake is in November 2009.

    The unprecedented pace of change and the critical need to leverage the full value of information and information systems is a driving reality in the digital economy.

    Confronted by new competitive challenges and emerging market opportunities, organizations increasingly recognize the need to link specialist technical expertise with strategic business skills.

    The Royal Roads MBA in Digital Technologies Management fulfils that need for today’s technology-driven marketplace.

  2. Bob McIlree


    I will ask you the same question that I ask of young folks when they pursue a graduate degree: what do you hope of getting from this effort from an economic perspective?

    The reason I ask is that graduate degrees are expensive, and take a lot of one’s time. The ‘holy grail’ as it is, is that it eventually allows you to get higher positions and salary – and given today’s economic environment, that is by no means guaranteed.

    If you want to get the credential to ‘have it’ for personal reasons, my point is moot. If you want it for advancement or some form of economic security, my take is that what you do daily on-the-job, the experiences and things you deliver, and getting paid while you do it, matters much more than an academic credential.

    Best regards,

    1. LeodeSousa Post author

      Thanks for the great feedback. I have spent the majority of my IT career in Higher Education. There is an expectation that senior leaders achieve a graduate level degree in addition to having the 20+ years of experience. Achieving this level of education will open the door for more higher levels in our organization.

      Fortunately, our organization prides itself on being a “learning” institute and provides funding to assist employees to earn credentials. I am hoping to take advantage of this program to build my knowledge, bring value back to my institution and also for personal reasons.
      Cheers! Leo

  3. Christopher P. Perez, ChE, MTM

    Hi Leo,
    I stumble upon your site and I was really amazed of your writings. In this particular blog, I highly suggest to take Master of Technology Management (MTM). I just finished my MTM last year and it was really a great help for me. Fortunately, it is being offered here in the Philippines. I hope that a similar program is also being offered in your area. MIT is also offering MTM. I hope this helps.
    I wanted to pursue a PhD in TM but unfortunately, it’s not available (for the time being). And I opted to take PhD Management instead.

    All the best,


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