Social Media Guidelines – part 1

by | April 18, 2012

Social media is becoming a mainstay in how we engage and collaborate with our colleagues, peers and customers.  With the introduction of social media tools into our businesses, there is a need to develop some guidelines and polices.  I am working on a social media strategy for the HEITBC consortium in British Columbia.   Collaboration is one of the key mandates of the organization and people are the main ingredient!  This is the first of three posts on Social Media Guidelines

Here are some of the social media guidelines I put together.

General Guidelines

  1. Be Authentic – be open about your identity, understand that you are responsible for what you post and share, and correct any mistakes you have made – “Be Yourself”
  2. Be Thoughtful – there is no “privacy” with social media engagements, be proud of what you post and share, do not post anything that you would not say in a public forum – “Think before you share – there is no delete button for the Internet”
  3. Respect Others – be respectful of people, their privacy and their opinions, understand the privacy laws that govern all of us, be constructive when you disagree with an idea or concept – “Disagree with the concept not the person”
  4. Acknowledge Others – give credit to the originator of any content you post, acknowledge all copyright and intellectual property materials that you post – “Give credit where credit is due”
  5. Be a Valued Member – effective collaboration requires you to participate, please contribute regularly and help where you can – “Pay it forward”

These guidelines can be applied to all communication and I do find it odd that we have to restate them just because we are using social media platforms as the communication medium.  Looking forward to your comments and feedback. Stay tuned for Part 2 – Guidelines when posting as an Individual.


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