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Business Analytics Anyone?

by | January 11, 2012

Today, I participated in a focus group to help start up the BCIT School of Business Business Analytics Centre of Excellence.  The room was full of Business Intelligence/Analytics/Insight leaders from around Vancouver.  We were brought together by Ed Bosman and Karen Plesner both instructors in the BCIT School of Business.  Karen facilitated a two hour discussion… Read more »

Reorganizing An Application Service Delivery Model – an update

by | August 2, 2011

I wrote a post titled How Would You Reorganize an Application Service Delivery Model? in March 2010 and thought it was time to update you on the changes we made to our Application team. At that time, my team was structured by role:  DBAs, Developers, Application Administrators, Email Administrators, etc.  Over that time, we had some… Read more »

Build your Application Portfolio to Support EA Governance

by | July 25, 2011

Nick Malik wrote a great post titled The Rule of EA Governance that hits to the core of EA and IT governance. It is a must read and I highly recommend it. Nick asserts that: All Enterprise Architecture will be implemented according to the structure of ownership and governance that exists in the enterprise. Next… Read more »

Forrester Top 15 Technology Trends – Webinar Notes

by | January 27, 2011

Gene Leganza (@gleganza) VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Inc discusses and presents on Technology Trends.  Gene used the following criteria (Impact, Newness, Complexity) to help describe the trends. In Oct 2010, Gene wrote about the Top 15 Technology Trends on his Forrester blog.  Gene published a table of the top trends here. On Jan 26,… Read more »

How Would You Reorganize An Application Service Delivery Model?

by | March 20, 2010

I have been thinking a lot about re-engineering the service delivery model for the application services team that I lead. I have been guiding my team to think about: “We deliver the platform and work with the business to provide services”. Our applications team is made up of subgroups aligned by major application services.  Here… Read more »

Adaptive Leadership in EA

by | July 14, 2009

Andy Blumenthal wrote a great post “Adaptive Leaders Rule the Day“. In his post, Andy reviewed a Harvard Business Review July 2009 article “Leadership in a (Permanent) Crisis” and commented on the article’s insights on adaptive leadership. I really liked Andy’s quote “Leaders need a proverbial “toolkit” of successful behaviors to succeed and even more… Read more »

Struggling for an ROI … follow-up

by | June 8, 2009

Mike Kavis posted another great piece on why we should use Enterprise Architecture. As always, Mike has some real gems in his post.  Here are a some: “It sounds to me like people have a technical solution and are now looking for a problem to solve with it.  It needs to work the other way… Read more »

Managing Complexity with EA

by | May 16, 2008

Over time, technology provides more and more functions and hopefully value to your enterprise. The challenge is how to manage the complexity that comes with technology. I started my IT career as an IBM 360 mainframe computer operator managing VM/CMS and DOS/VSE CICS systems. IT architectures were relatively simple. One large computer, a few large… Read more »