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What matters when assessing your EA program – Forrester

by | February 2, 2011

I seem to be on a roll writing about my impressions of Forrester Research articles recently.  I meant to dig into a blog post by Forrester Research analyst Henry Peyret from December, 2010 earlier. Henry explains the approach taken to gather information and then makes a couple of key statements. Keep it simple and focus… Read more »

Is it really “Zachman’s Fatal Flaw”?

by | July 12, 2010

My friend Nick Malik wrote a post – Zachman’s Fatal Flaw: No Row for Customer.  Here is my response … Do I believe that Zachman’s Framework is fatally flawed?  No. It all depends on your perspective and that to me is defined by your EA maturity.  How we view and evaluate models and frameworks depends… Read more »

More on Maturing EA using a CMM Roadmap

by | August 27, 2009

Gene Leganza, Forrester VP Research wrote a post today titled “Babies, Bath Water, and Enterprise Architecture Maturity Models”. He gave an overview of why he discounted capability maturity models in the past as a technique for maturing EA.  In the post, Gene wrote positively about the roadmap approach we use to plan, mature and assess our EA practice – our EA… Read more »

EA CMM Revisited and Reviewed

by | February 21, 2009

I wrote about how we use an Enterprise Architecture Capability Maturity Model as a roadmap and measure of the success of our EA practice. This post has been the most responded to on my blog.  I have sent the Excel template to colleagues around the globe to over 15 different people. Just a quick refresher… Read more »

How I use a CMM to plan, mature and assess our EA practice

by | February 4, 2008

CMM or Capability Maturity Model is a tool I have used to develop our EA practice. We all know James McGovern has a strong dislike for things like CMMi and heavy weight processes but I wanted to share a light weight way to use a Capability Maturity Model to plan and build out your Enterprise… Read more »