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More on Toyota’s A3 Process …

by | January 26, 2011

After my original post about Toyota’s A3 Process, I received several tweets and comments about the use of the A3 Process in organizations. Redge posted a great comment: Having worked in the automotive industry and as a supplier to Toyota, I can attest to the value of the A3 format for problem solving. The objective… Read more »

Adding Toyota’s A3 Report Process to your EA Toolkit

by | January 16, 2011

Joe McKendrick (@joemckendrick) wrote about Lean IT on ZDNet on Dec 27, 2010 titled Eight steps to achieve lean  IT. In his set of steps, Joe mentioned the Toyota A3 Report approach to looking at problems and A3 Thinking.   He refers to this site about the A3 Process.  You can download a template here. Here… Read more »

Do you need to create an As-Is State?

by | August 22, 2010

I just saw a post by Adrian Grigoriu responding to Gartner’s Philip Allega’s post Applying EA to Your Life .  Within the post about how EA might be able to help plan our lives, Philip then brings up an regular EA debate “Do you start with the Current State?”  Actually, Philip says don’t do it.… Read more »

EA Archivist or Activist? Delivering Value is the Key

by | August 12, 2010

Todd Biske posted a summary of a conversation he had with Mike Rollings,  Brenda Michelson, Chris Bird and others. They were discussing the future of Enterprise Architecture. A theme that emerged from their talks focused on whether your practice is defined by being an archivist (passive) or an activist (active).  Here is the conversation (from… Read more »

Discussions on IT Complexity … a beginning

by | October 4, 2009

I added Roger Sessions, CTO of ObjectWatch to my blogroll today. I have been following Roger on Twitter @RSessions particularly his posts and discussions on IT Complexity and how it relates to IT project failures.  On Thursday, Oct 8th Roger and I shared a conference call and agreed to investigate opportunities to collaborate on IT complexity based… Read more »

More on Maturing EA using a CMM Roadmap

by | August 27, 2009

Gene Leganza, Forrester VP Research wrote a post today titled “Babies, Bath Water, and Enterprise Architecture Maturity Models”. He gave an overview of why he discounted capability maturity models in the past as a technique for maturing EA.  In the post, Gene wrote positively about the roadmap approach we use to plan, mature and assess our EA practice – our EA… Read more »

Technology Governance in a Simple Model

by | July 28, 2009

I talked about a technology governance model that has evolved over the past 5 years in our organization in many previous posts. I realize now that I have not actually explained the model, so here we go! When we received approval to proceed with a strategic initiative to leverage technology to support teaching, learning, research and… Read more »

EA Communication Plan Development

by | July 20, 2009

Serge Thorn wrote an excellent post called “Development of an Enterprise Architecture Communication Plan“. I really enjoyed the read and completely agree that communication is a key success factor for the success of any enterprise architecture practice. In the post, Serge set the stage by making a case for why a communication plan is key:… Read more »

EA CMM Revisited and Reviewed

by | February 21, 2009

I wrote about how we use an Enterprise Architecture Capability Maturity Model as a roadmap and measure of the success of our EA practice. This post has been the most responded to on my blog.  I have sent the Excel template to colleagues around the globe to over 15 different people. Just a quick refresher… Read more »