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ISACA Revamps COBIT 5 Core Principles

by | August 29, 2014

A month ago, I saw the announcement from ISACA about their work revamping the COBIT 5 Core Principles.  These 5 principles provide a good foundation for structuring an IT strategic plan.  It is good to see that the principles start with stakeholder needs.  This aligns well with our shift from focusing on technology to delivering services.… Read more »

Knowing What You Have Supports Planning

by | February 22, 2013

Enterprise Architects all over the world build guiding principles to support their practices and planning. We built one in 2005 and it still holds true today. “Reuse before Acquire, Acquire before Create, Create Reusable Components” The big problem with this is that it is all “Motherhood and Apple Pie” unless you do the hard work… Read more »

Building an EA Practice – what is your process?

by | November 26, 2009

Recently, there has been several blog posts discussing what should and should not be done when building an EA practice.  I thought I would review how we built our EA practice in our higher education organization and compare it to some of the other approaches.  I have yet to see one definintive approach for all… Read more »

The Cult of the Done Manifesto – perfect is not the goal

by | November 16, 2009

This morning Jon Ayre (@EnterprisingA) tweeted: #EAMantra (11) Failing to deliver perfection is not a crime. Failing to deliver is. Something I totally agree with, especially if you have been following my blog and the theme of building an EA practice that delivers value using a virtual team. Tyler Gooch (@tylergooch) then sent a response… Read more »

“Generative” EA Principles

by | June 27, 2009

In my previous post, I suggested that integrating Kevin Kelly’s 8 “generatives” will help EA adoption (please read Kevin’s excellent article Better than Free for the details on each): Immediacy Personalization Interpretation Authenticity Accessibility Embodiment Patronage Findability This really got me thinking about how we approach introducing and maturing enterprise architecture in our organizations. How many of you made attempts… Read more »

Will integrating “generative” attributes help EA adoption?

by | June 25, 2009

JP Rangaswami wrote an interesting post titled Mother of Invention. In it he discusses, Frank Zappa and piracy and as usual, he expands my understanding on this contentious topic. Thank you JP! What really caught my eye was JP’s reference to Kevin Kelly’s article Better than Free. Kevin talks about the Internet being a super-distribution system… Read more »

What good looks like … follow-up

by | May 25, 2009

Alan Inglis posted about What good looks like from a solutions architecture perspective.  How do you create a solution for a new project without creating architecture that already exists or making the same mistakes that previous projects made? This is a must read post and I recommend it. Alan described 10 artefacts that he would expect… Read more »

EA Environmental Scan (Top 5 Future EA Trends) … a very late summary

by | January 5, 2008

First, thanks to everyone who contributed via the Shared Insights EANetwork. I originally posted this on September 16, 2007. I got swamped and did not post my list so here it is: Trends and Impacts Trend – More stakeholders are connecting EA thinking (alignment of technology to support strategic goals) with business innovation and investments… Read more »