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Helping Your Helpdesk with a Service Coverage Matrix

by | November 16, 2012

Over the past couple of weeks, our American University of Sharjah IT Helpdesk and other teams have been working on creating a simple Service Coverage Matrix. We found that we had a knowledge gap with the distributed IT support structure at AUS.  Not everyone knew who was the primary and the secondary service support analysts for… Read more »

Microsoft Canadian Colleges Exec Briefing – Data Center Management

by | February 2, 2011

Rick Bakken, Senior Director, Data Center Evangelism, Microsoft Corporation Delivering Infrastructure to the Cloud Data Center Innovation – asked the question “Why are we building giant refrigerators for our data centers?”  In the Chicago data center, there are two floors.  Top floor is standard raised floor and the bottom floor is container based servers.  Made a decision… Read more »

Forrester Top 15 Technology Trends – Webinar Notes

by | January 27, 2011

Gene Leganza (@gleganza) VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Inc discusses and presents on Technology Trends.  Gene used the following criteria (Impact, Newness, Complexity) to help describe the trends. In Oct 2010, Gene wrote about the Top 15 Technology Trends on his Forrester blog.  Gene published a table of the top trends here. On Jan 26,… Read more »

SGHE Summit – Banner Enterprise Identity Management (BEIS)

by | April 27, 2010

SGHE Summit – Banner Enterprise Identity Management (BEIS) – Dan Sterling and Mark B Definitions (Identity Management in Action) Provisioning (Create IDs) Authentication (AuthN) – is the user allowed to access the system Authorization (AuthZ) – is the user allowed to access services within the system Identity Mgmt in Banner ODC Standardization Banner Database Components… Read more »

Canadian Colleges Update – Dec 2009 Session 11 Security MS Strategy Overview

by | December 9, 2009

Session 11 Patrick Hevesi, Enterprise Technology Architect, WW CATM Security Lead Microsoft Forefront – Business Ready Security Solutions Evolving Threats 2 axes – threat and person Threats = Curiosity, Personal Fame, Personal Gain, National Interest Person = Script-Kiddy, Undergraduate, Expert, Specialist Results: Vandal (largest area by volume), Author, Trespasser, Thief (largest area by $ lost… Read more »

Canadian Colleges Update – Dec 2009 Session 9 Windows Server 2008 R2 Futures and Directions

by | December 9, 2009

Session 9 Kevin Lan, Senior Program Manager, Windows Server Division Windows Server Release History – every 2 to 3 years for a new release Technology Investment Areas virtualization – Hyper-V with Live Migration management – PowerShell scripting web – ASP .Net and WebDAV, IIS 7.5 component install scalability and reliability – 256 core support, componentization,… Read more »

Canadian Colleges Update – Dec 2009 Session 5 Microsoft’s Virtualization Strategy and Futures

by | December 9, 2009

Session 5 Rod Kruetzfeld, Team Software Process, Desk Virtualization, Incubation Desktop Virtualization with a twist (VDI) Why Virtualize? – drive costs down, increase IT efficiency, enable busines agility Why Microsoft? – its the platform you know, data centre to desktop, end-to-end management, best TCO/ROI * System Center can manage Microsoft virtualization and VMWare* Choice of… Read more »

Canadian Colleges Update – Dec 2009 Session 4 Windows 7 and the Optimized Desktop

by | December 9, 2009

Session 4 – Jeremy Chapman, Senior Product Manager, Commercial Windows 7 and the Optimized Desktop 5 Trends in Commercial Desktop IT consumerism carbon neutral contingency costs compliance End User Computing Scenarios -separation Creates Flexibility – manageability maintains costs How do we get to Windows 7? Migration Analyzer Hardware Assessment Application Compatibility – collect, analyze, test… Read more »

Canadian Colleges Update – Dec 2009 Session 3 Office System Futures

by | December 9, 2009

Session 3 – Tony Ollivier, Enterprise Technology Architect – Office Systems Futures – Office 14 The User Productivity Challenge – balance between Business and User Focus (economic efficiency) and CIO Focus (IT efficiency) common platform – with the goal of cost-effective platform heavy dependence on SharePoint 2010 Unified Business Platform Unified Communications Business Intelligence Enterprise… Read more »

Microsoft’s “New Efficiency” Campaign for Windows 7

by | October 29, 2009

I attended a half day seminar offered to IT leaders in Vancouver today by Microsoft Canada. Essentially, this was the launch of Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Exchange Server 2010 to the Vancouver market. There were about 100 people in attendance. Here is my Twitter stream from the session today … http://twitter.com/#search?q=leodesousa msft… Read more »